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Australia Postgraduate Scholarships

Australia stands as a beacon for international students, offering Australia fully funded  postgraduate scholarships for international students that open doors to unparalleled educational opportunities. For those considering academic pursuits in this vibrant country, our full guide becomes an indispensable companion. The Australian government’s commitment to education is evident through a myriad of scholarships, some of which don’t mandate IELTS scores, ensuring accessibility to a diverse range of students.These  fully funded  postgraduate scholarships for international students extend beyond covering tuition fees, embracing living expenses and travel allowances. This holistic support transforms educational aspirations into tangible reality, fostering an enriching academic experience. Our guidance doesn’t merely stop at the application process; we offer thorough assistance with immigration protocols and navigating the intricacies of obtaining a student visa for Australia. Prepare to embark on a transformative educational journey in this dynamic and welcoming academic landscape.

Top Australian universities offer over 1000 fully funded  postgraduate scholarships for international students for the academic year 2024-2025. These scholarships are inclusive, providing an average monthly stipend of AUD $20,000. They cover not only tuition fees but also accommodation expenses, health insurance, and travel allowances, ensuring a supportive environment for academic pursuits. These opportunities represent a significant financial backing, facilitating a conducive and enriching educational experience for international students in Australia.

Why study in Australia?

Australia stands as a premier destination for international students, known for its safety, inclusivity, and vibrant diversity. Melbourne, along with regional Victoria, offers a rich tapestry of experiences for students seeking a quality education in a welcoming environment.Whether your aim is to broaden your horizons through global education or acquire a top-notch academic experience, Australia presents an ideal setting to live, study, and build a career. Melbourne, renowned for its vibrant art scene, sports culture, and culinary delights, ranks among the top five cities globally for students.* Additionally, Australia’s education system boasts a strong international reputation, ensuring that graduates from institutions like Deakin University possess job-ready skills, making them highly coveted by employers worldwide.

Candidature and scholarship application dates

Several scholarships are accessible for students pursuing a Higher Degree Research at Deakin University. The application process and deadlines for candidacy and scholarships differ across faculties and institutes. To ensure accuracy, refer to the details provided below for specific dates and application procedures.

Please be aware that these dates may differ based on whether you are applying as a domestic or international candidate.

Embark on your academic journey in Australia with great news: Deakin University Scholarships applications for international student are now open. This article will offer an extensive insight into Australia fully funded postgraduate scholarships for international students, outlining its perks and guiding you through the application process, step by step.

The Deakin University Scholarships for 2024-2025 offer fully funded scholarships tailored for international students pursuing postgraduate studies. These scholarships encompass a yearly stipend of $34,400, a relocation grant ranging from $500 to $1,500, and complete health insurance coverage.

Fully Funded Scholarships Summary

    • Degree Level: Masters / Doctoral (PhD)

    • Institution: Deakin University

    • Location: Australia

    • Program Duration: 2 Year

    • For Doctoral Degrees: 3 years covering stipend and 4 years for tuition fee offset

    • For Research Master’s Degrees: 2 years for stipend and 2 years for tuition fee offset

Fully Funded Courses Scholarships Offered

    • Business and Law

    • Health

    • Science, Engineering, and Built Environment

    • Frontier Materials

    • Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation

    • Arts and Education

Eligibility Criteria for Deakin University Scholarships

To be eligible for the Deakin University fully funded  postgraduate scholarships for international students , candidates need to meet the following criteria:

    • Language Requirement: Proficiency in English.

    • Eligible Countries: All nations worldwide.

To qualify for an RTP Stipend, RTP Fees Offset, RTP Allowance, or DUPRS, students must be enrolled in an HDR course at Deakin University, regardless of their nationality.
For eligibility for an RTP Fees Offset, applicants must not be receiving a similar award or scholarship from the Commonwealth aimed at offsetting HDR fees.

To qualify for an RTP or DUPRS Stipend, students should not be receiving income exceeding 75% of the stipend rate for general living costs, unless it’s unrelated to their course of study.
Candidates applying for an RTP or DUPRS Stipend should have completed at least four years of tertiary education, achieving a first-class Honours degree or an equivalent academic standing.

For a Doctoral degree:

    • Completion of a research project in a related field equivalent to 25% of a year’s full-time study at Level 8 or 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework, with a grade equivalent to a Deakin grade of 70% or equivalent.

Completion of a Masters Degree (Research) in a related field.

    • For a Master’s Degree:

    • Completion of a research project, equivalent to 25% of a year’s full-time study at Level 8 or 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework, with a grade equivalent to a Deakin grade of 65% or equivalent.

How to Apply for Deakin University Fully Funded Scholarships?

To apply for this scholarship, follow these steps:

(1) Check the entry pathways for eligibility and connect with a supervisor to discuss your research topic and proposal. 

(2) Gather necessary documents:

    • Curriculum vitae or resume.

    • Academic transcripts.

    • Previous research degree details.

    • Publications and bibliographic information.

    • Proof of identification and citizenship.

    • Evidence of English proficiency meeting the required standards. Check the English requirements here.

    • Two referee reports from former or current academic or employment supervisors. Access the report template here.

    • Prepare a concise outline of your proposed research topic as per the proposal guidelines found here.

(3) Complete the online application process available here. Ensure to check if your targeted faculty requires an expression of interest before applying, then follow the stipulated procedures.

Remember, certified copies of documents must be sent through mail. The certification should be done by authorized individuals such as a justice of the peace, notary public, Australian Consular or Diplomatic Officer, Commonwealth employee, or an international student recruitment agent. Send certified copies to:

    • HDR International Admissions Officer

    • Deakin Research

    • Building BC

    • Deakin University

    • 221 Burwood Highway

    • Burwood

    • Victoria 3125

For admission purposes please visit the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of Deakin University Scholarships for international students?

Deakin University Scholarships for 2024-2025 offer a fully funded opportunity, providing a yearly stipend of $34,400, a relocation grant ranging from $500 to $1,500, and comprehensive health insurance coverage, fostering an enriching academic experience.

What duration do these scholarships cover for Doctoral and Research Master’s Degrees?

Doctoral Degrees entail a 3-year stipend and 4-year tuition fee offset, while Research Master’s Degrees cover a 2-year stipend and a 2-year tuition fee offset.

What criteria determine eligibility for Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarships?

Eligibility hinges on proficiency in English, acceptance into an HDR course at Deakin University, and meeting income thresholds not exceeding 75% of the stipend rate for general living costs.

What documents are required for the Deakin University Scholarship application?

Required documents include CV/resume, academic transcripts, previous research degree details, proof of identification/citizenship, English proficiency evidence, two referee reports, and a research topic proposal.

How do I apply for Deakin University Scholarships?
To apply, connect with a supervisor for research topic advice, gather necessary documents, complete the online application, and send certified copies of documents through mail to the HDR International Admissions Officer at Deakin University.