Best Fully Funded Free Scholarships for Foreign Students

Free Scholarships for Foreign Students

The new academic year 2024-25 onwards, students will see the emergence of free learning with a pool of fully-funded free scholarships around the world. These programs cater not only to tuition fees but also to allowances for the student’s upkeep, accommodation, transport, and medical covers. Hence relieving learners of the financial burden towards higher education. Some of the scholarships, which have been highly recognized among the entire category, are Yale University Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship, DAAD Scholarship in Germany, and MEXT Scholarship in Japan. Which all entitle big support to the development of knowledge in the respective discipline. This article discusses free scholarships that make it possible for people across the world to undertake their studies with financially friendly scholarship packages in countries. Like the USA, Switzerland, Vietnam, and Australia.

Exploring Free Scholarships Worldwide: Your Guide to Educational Opportunities

Yale University Scholarships

Yale University offers full funding for all accepted international students into undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Scholarships cover over $70,000 a year, and sometimes even more! It is for use as tuition fees, and some scholarships also give a monthly allowance.

The Yale Scholarship ranges from a few hundred dollars to more than $70,000 annually, with the average need-based scholarship at Yale exceeding $50,000. For more detailed statistics, refer to the Yale section. Free Scholarships awarded by local Yale Clubs, endowed scholarships, and other forms of gift aid from Yale’s alumni and friends can also serve as grants, potentially replacing portions of Yale Scholarship funds.

Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese government offers an array of scholarships to international students. These include fully funded free scholarships in tuition and housing allowances to various universities (280+) all through the People’s Republic of China.

The Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) is a fully funded opportunity for international students to study in China at various levels. The monthly allowance for undergraduate students is CNY2,500 per month, CNY3,000 per month for master’s students and general scholars and CNY 3,500 per month for doctoral students and senior scholars. Accommodation costs are also covered by this scholarship program along with basic medical insurance coverage.

DAAD Scholarship in Germany

In case you are a fresher with a graduation degree in your hands. Almost about getting it, then the DAAD Scholarship is an option you really need to consider. It would be covering all the expenses for your target degree from a German university on any subject. If you are a graduate, then per month you will get 850 Euro. Doing a PhD will fetch 1200 Euros per month, which covers the cost of living including health insurance, while covering other expenses for study.

DAAD scholarships support students who have graduated from school, doctorate candidates. As well as postdoctoral fellows who are interested in studying or conducting research in Germany. The free scholarships also provide funding for internships. Different kinds of scholarships are available such as grants meant for individuals pursuing a doctorate and Masters degree awards among others. Also, DAAD provides opportunities for those studying at home through their foreign study programs. 

MEXT Scholarship in Japan

This scholarship is offered to foreign students who want to study in Japan. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships are awarded to foreign students nominated by Japanese diplomatic missions, universities or local governments. MEXT’s Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) aims at building global leadership capacities of Asia’s future leaders. The Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) under MEXT aims to foster future leaders in Asia and beyond. 

Additionally, MEXT scholarship will pay your tuition fee, monthly allowance of 143,000yen to 145,000 yen, and even the fare to fly from your home country to Japan, including the return ticket, and it also includes language training and medical coverage.

USA Fulbright Scholarships for Foreign Students

Full scholarships are available for international students wishing to pursue a masters or doctorate in the United States.The grant will fund full tuition fees, living expenses stipend, full housing costs, travel expenses and health insurance coverage.

If you are interested in this scholarship, the Fulbright Scholarship would let you know when you can apply for it and give you more details on the deadlines and the process you would need to take.

Sample Foreign Student Scholarships Available

ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Free Scholarships, Switzerland

Fully funded scholarships offered to foreign students by ETH Zurich, which is a university in Switzerland and is only awarded for studies at the master’s level. The scholarship covers monthly assistance, housing costs, and study tuition. “If you wish to study in Switzerland and do not have enough money, then apply for ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship.” For more information on how to take advantage of such opportunities, you can click through here

Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarship, Vietnam

For those students who are looking forward towards acquiring their PhD degrees from abroad. Ton Duc Thang University brings full-funded grants which cover not only your education. But also accommodation fees throughout the course duration (usually 3-4 years). If interested please visit Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarship site .

Monash University Scholarship Australia

Annually Monash offers one of the highest paid scholarships globally,” says its official web page! The scholarship provides an annual living allowance of $27,060 (tax-free) plus extras like relocation grant up to A$2000; project costs between A$3000-$9000 depending on discipline area etc. To learn more about deadline dates for submission as well what other things required during application kindly go through Monash University Scholarship webpage .

The Government of the Netherlands provides free scholarships for international students at the master’s level. The Orange Knowledge Programme, as it is known, covers living expenses, school fees, visa costs, round-trip airfare and health insurance. For further information on deadlines and application procedures for this scholarship please visit Netherlands Government Scholarship.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This program is sponsored by the University of Cambridge in England which offers fully-funded opportunities for foreign nationals enrolled as postgraduate research degree candidates either at Master’s or PHD level. This award includes an allowance, medical cover and academic development funds with additional support available if appropriate. Should you like more information about this scholarship opportunity please visit Gates Cambridge Scholarship page on the internet that provides details pertaining to application deadlines!

Exclusive Scholarships in Different Countries:

Stanford University Scholarships USA:

These free scholarships cover full tuition fees including all travel allowances such as living cost etc which ranges between $12000-$20000 per year depending on student’s program level (Masters or PhD). The package also caters for academic expenses related to research work etc. To get more insight on when these USA scholarships close their applications kindly refer to the Stanford University Scholarships page.

KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship South Korea:

KAIST offers fully funded undergraduate scholarships for international students who wish to study in Korea.The program covers full tuition fees, monthly allowance of KRW 350000 ($300), one economy round trip ticket from home country to Seoul every semester during regular semesters only; Korean language training expenses up until four times per year before admission starts; medical insurance coverage through NHI (National Health Insurance) scheme throughout the entire duration of stay. If you are considering studying abroad especially within Asian continent then this might be one option worth exploring!.

Chevening Scholarship UK:

Chevening offers fully funded master scholarships targeting overseas candidates planning to take up studies at any accredited UK higher education institution(s). It caters for university tuition, stipend per month for living costs including meals etc (£900) which is subject to change annually; economy class roundtrip airfare ticket from applicant’s home country to nearest airport outside London (e.g. Birmingham International Airport) plus train or bus transfer from there into city centre where relevant institution resides. The scholarship also provides additional free scholarships and allowances as necessary. To know more about this award please go through Chevening Scholarship UK.

Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships:

The Kotzen Scholarship Program is a fully funded scholarship opportunity at Simmons University in Boston, USA. This undergraduate scholarship covers full tuition fee including necessary fees as well as room & board charges. For further information regarding deadlines and application forms do visit their official website Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships.

Muhammad Bin Zaid University Scholarships – UAE:

These are fully funded scholarships available at the masters’ and doctoral level of study offered by Muhammad Bin Zaid University College of Medicine based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The free scholarships cover one hundred percent (100%) of tuition fees for the entire duration of the course. A monthly stipend for living expenses while studying abroad; accommodation throughout stay in UAE among other benefits such as health insurance coverage etc. If you wish to find out when these awards close applications kindly follow through Muhammad Bin Zaid University Scholarships page.

Free Scholarships Database for International Students

Scholarship Competitions for International Students

A number of univerties offer databases designed specifically for international students to make it easier for them search scholarships. These databases contain information about grants, free scholarships and awards from many different countries. Using these resources can help increase an international student’s chances of finding a suitable scholarship.

Free Scholarships for other countries

In addition to the fully funded scholarships mentioned above there are various other types of financial aid opportunities available to foreign nationals who wish study in countries around the world. Some examples include: The Lester B Pearson International Scholarship Program in Canada, Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS) offered by University of Melbourne, Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships which are open at all levels (from undergraduate through PhD) etcetera.

Note: Check guidelines for detailed document requirements.


What is the significance of fully-funded scholarships for those coming from abroad?

Fully funded scholarships help foreign students to cater for their fees, upkeep and other expenses thus ensuring education is available.

Which are the requirements for free scholarships given to international students?

Conditions vary but mainly involve excellence in academics, language fluency, course of study and citizenship. Additionally, some emphasize extra curriculum activities coupled with leadership skills.

Where can I get a catalog of worldwide programs that offer free scholarships?

You may look through scholarship world wide coverage on