Fully Funded Norway Scholarships 2024 for International Students

fully funded scholarships in Norway available for International students

Would you be interest in beginning your educational journey with Fully Funded Norway Scholarships for International Students? Exciting news! The government of Norway provides a mixture of grant that can be used by students leaving beyond the country line as an aid intervention. We shall look at the fully funded Norway Scholarships for International Students in this article, the details and eligibility. “First, on my top college offer and the advantages of winning the scholarship”, and ” tell you about the application process”.

BI Presidential Scholarship 2024 | Fully Funded | Norway

Norway is the ideal place for your studies. Great news! The BI Presidential fully funded Norway scholarships for international students are open for applications. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of this scholarship. That including its advantages and the application process, in a step-by-step format.

International students have an opportunity to undertake their master’s degrees fully funded via B.I. Presidential Scholarship 2024-2025. Every semester such scholarship will give you stipend coverage for living expenses on top of full tuition.

BI, which is the largest school of business in Norway as well as the second largest in Europe. Its headquarters situated within Oslo, Norway with other campuses scattered across the country. The university has 845 workers: 404 academicians and 441 administrative staff.

Summary of Fully Funded Norway Scholarships for International Students

  • Qualification: MSc Institution(s): Business Intelligence Institution of Norwegian Business
  • Schooling in Norway
  • Program Duration: 1 year
  • Twenty scholarships will be award.
  • Expires on: March, 2024

Norway Scholarships for International Students Courses Offered

  • Businesses’ Analysis System Enterprise And Innovation In Business World For Start-ups And SMEs (Entrepreneurship) Economics
  • Psychology Of Leadership And Organizational Structures (PLOS)
  • Quantitative Finance (QFE)
  • Strategic Marketing Management Managing Marketing Strategies Strategically Applied Economics QTEM QTEM in Business Analytics QTEM in Business Analytics
  • Business Major’s Finance Conglomerate QTEM in Business Concentration.
  • Scholarships Coverage – QTEM-Major Economics Concentration In Business Studies

Eligibility Criteria for BI Presidential Fully Funded Norway Scholarships

You can apply for fully funded Norway scholarships for international students. That would cover your tuition fees for all semesters, along with stipends. That would take care of your living expenses throughout two years provided you pass academic criteria outlined by BI.

At Charles Darwin University, you can also apply for a scholarship. Up to fifty percent of your tuition fee may be reimburs to you.

  • A good command of the English language is necessary.
  • All countries are eligible to participate.

For someone to be awarded a BI Presidential Scholarship, he or she must have already applied. Also admitted into a Masters of Science program with at least an A grade in ECTS. Or its equivalent in other international grading scales. Applications from students who are currently studying Sivilokonom programme at BI in their third year will be considered. BI Presidential Scholarship is open for all who want to study MSc. Please note! That this scholarship is only applicable for those who have already gotten admissions into a Master of Science program. Which will start by Fall 2024-25.  Additionally, consider the Lester B Pearson International Scholarships. Where you can apply for full tuition fees scholaships and the cost of living accommodation during your four years stay.

How do I apply for a BI Presidential Scholarship?
To access the BI Presidential Scholarships follow these steps. You can create an account on this website by going to application portal and filling in some information about yourself.
Attached, kindly discover your pass copy, CV, Letter of Intent/ Motivation letter, financial plan and other related documents. Also English Proficiency/ International Examination results and Scholarship Award Certificate.

Required Documents for Fully Funded Scholarships

  • Application form
  • Transcript Result Card
  • Degree
  • English Letter (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, or ACT)
  • CV or Resume
  • Study Plan or Personal Statement
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Bank Statements (for some scholarships)
  • Passport/ID Card
  • Acceptance letter
  • Medical certificate
  • Award Certificates (for strong profile)
  • Make copies of all important documents.
Note: Check guidelines for detailed document requirements.

Please Note

Each Norway Scholarshipfor International Students has its own specific requirements. Look at them from the website. Every international applicant is required to submit their personal financial plan this year. The financial plan is a summary of how you intend to finance your degree and living costs in general. If you would like to download the template for the financial plan, please visit the official website below. The only people who are eligible to apply for BI Presidential Scholarships are candidates from other countries. Who can receive ordinary student loans from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. Stipend for daily subsistence will not be paid under any circumstances.

But remember that despite filling in multiple applications for scholarships. One scholarship will be given by BI Presidential Scholarship alone per student themselves. If you have a master’s degree already, prospective students do not get priority access to scholarships

You will need to download the language waiver application form, fill it out and then upload it.

Official Website:

To find out more about BI Presidential Scholarships, please visit their official site avec les informations ci-dessous :

Frequently Asked Questions on Fully Funded Norway Scholarships for International Students

  • What do Fully Funded Norway Scholarships offer international students?

These fully funded Norway scholarships for international students cater for tuition fees, upkeep costs, medical coverage, and travel allowances for foreign learners.

  • How do I apply for BI Presidential Scholarships?

To apply, a candidate should open an account in the portal, attach the necessary documents, such as a financial plan, and meet all eligibility requirements.

  • Who is eligible for BI Presidential Scholarships?

Having been admitted to an MSc program and with an outstanding academic performance, the student must be able to secure loans from State Educational Loan Fund.

  • Can overseas students also access Norway scholarships?

Yes. These scholarships are available to learners from other countries globally.

  • Are there specific requirements for financial planning?

Yes! All applicants must include a comprehensive Financial Plan showing how they will pay their way through college and maintain themselves. Such guidelines can be found at official website.