Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarships 2024

Romania Government Scholarships

Applicants can now apply for Romania Government Scholarships. In this post, we will thoroughly explain the above scholarship program, along with information on its advantages and application process.

Romania Government Scholarships for international students. These grants are available to students in undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs. All Romanian government scholarships cover tuition fees and housing, and monthly allowance amounts up to 80 EUR.

The Romania Government Scholarships offers several opportunities yearly to citizens of non-EU countries through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Only candidates with good results in education viz an average on the years of study. Respectively corresponding at least seven point system used in Romania or a “”Good”” in case are eligible.

Applicants may select their Romania Government Scholarships study program of interest from all areas. But exclude medicine, dental medicine, and pharmacy. For Bachelor’s and master’s level programs, only those taught in the Romanian language can be apply. So that it promotes the culture and language of Romanians themselves. However, at the Ph.D. level, applicants may choose either English or another foreign language determined by the doctoral school. A preparatory year in Romanian is also given before one starts a course if they do not speak Romanian. Diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, and passports are among the required paperwork. These are all covered in the section on the application process.

Summary | You Need To Know

Universities in Romania offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies.

Study Pharmacy in Romania. Opportunity Focus areas include architecture, visual arts, Romanian culture and civilization, journalism, political and administrative sciences. Also engineering, educational sciences, social and human sciences, technical studies, oil and gas, agricultural sciences, and veterinary medicine. Romania Government Scholarships are not awarded in Medicine, Dental Medicine, or Pharmacy.

  • Program Duration:
  • Undergraduate: 3 to 6 years
  • Master: 1.5-2 years.
  • Doctorate: 3-4 years.

The deadline is March 1, 2023. (CURRENTLY CLOSED. Applications will be accepted beginning in December.

Scholarship Coverage

Romanian government scholarships give the recipient with the following benefits:

The Ministry of Education’s budget will cover tuition costs and dormitory accommodations, subject to available space and subsidy limits.

Monthly financial aid is granted as follows. The equivalent in “”lei”” (the Romanian currency) of 65 EURO for undergraduate and preparatory year students. The equivalent in “”lei”” (the Romanian currency) of 75 EURO for master students; and the equivalent of 85 EURO for PhD students.

Romanian government scholarships, do not cover the costs of international or domestic travel from the Romanian border crossing point to the university. Candidates must be prepared to provide personal financial support for the higher costs.

Eligibility Requirements for Romanian Government Scholarships

To apply for Romanian government scholarships, individuals must meet all of the following requirements:

Eligible countries are: The following exceptions apply to international students from non-EU countries:

The following individuals are eligible for Romanian citizenship:

  • Citizens of Romanian origin.
  • Members of Romanian historical communities (eligible for scholarship programs).
  • Citizens seeking protection in Romania.
  • Stateless individuals whose stay is legally recognized.
  • Members of the diplomatic and consular corps.
  • Family members of accredited diplomats.

Present study documents issued from accredited/recognized academic institutions in the country where they were given;

Comply with the enrollment deadline

Being good at academics as well as evidence of the study from the last school that you have attended, with an average of scoring years being 7 (seven) which is the Romanian equivalent of the “good” score and predicated on situations, is a prerequisite for being eligible to apply. Undergraduate and graduate degrees would be accepted starting with an age of 35, while the minimum age is 45 for a Ph. D. or a postgraduate degree.

What language is being studied?

To promote the Romanian language and culture, recipients of Romanian government scholarships for undergraduate and master’s courses study. On the other hand, doctoral scholarship holders can check in Romanian or a foreign language designated by the doctoral institution. Candidates who do not speak Romanian are given a preparation year to study the Romanian language. Before beginning university studies, except doctorate scholarship holders who have chosen the mode of instruction in a foreign language specified by the doctoral school.

The following individuals are exempt from enrolling in the Romanian language preparatory year. Those with Romanian study documents (diplomas or certificates) or school records attesting to at least four consecutive years of Romanian studies in an educational unit/institution from the Romanian national system; and those who pass the Romanian language test required for university enrollment.

More Details About Romania Government Scholarships

To learn more about Romania Government Scholarships, please visit the official website:

In pursuit of fostering academic growth and international cooperation, Romania extends scholarships to various categories of applicants, including those working in diplomatic or consular missions accredited in Romania, individuals associated with international organizations within Romania, and recipients of Romanian state scholarships. Criteria for eligibility encompass presenting valid study documents from recognized education institutions, meeting application deadlines, demonstrating academic excellence with a minimum grade equivalent to Romania’s 7 or “”Good,”” adhering to the specified application procedures, and age restrictions of a maximum of 35 years for undergraduate and master’smaster’s studies, and 45 years for doctoral or postgraduate studies.

Language Requirements for Academic Studies

The Romania Government Scholarships encourage the learning and use of its national language among scholarship recipients at the undergraduate and master’s levels by mandating studies in Romanian. Doctoral candidates, however, may choose to study either in Romanian or another language per their doctoral school’s policies. Non-Romanian speakers aiming for undergraduate or master’s scholarships must undergo a preparatory year to learn the Romanian language, except doctoral candidates opting for education in another language per their doctoral school. Exemptions from the prior year are granted to those with Romanian educational documents, those who pass a Romanian language test for university enrollment, or those with a B1-level certificate of Romanian linguistic competence.

Application Instructions for Romania Government Scholarships

To apply for the Romania Government Scholarship, candidates should:

  1. Carefully fill out the online application form.
  2. Upload essential documents, which include:
  • Authenticated translations of diplomas and transcripts into English, French, Spanish, or Romanian.
  • Authenticate a copy of the birth certificate and the passport’s first three pages.
  • A Curriculum Vitae in English or French and a letter of intent for doctoral applicants.
  • Certain applicants require additional documents like proof of name change, proof of upcoming graduation for final-year students, and parental consent for those under 18.

Documents must be scanned individually in PDF format after verifying their originality.

Required Documents for Fully Funded Scholarships

  • Application form
  • Transcript Result Card
  • Degree
  • English Letter (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, or ACT)
  • CV or Resume
  • Study Plan or Personal Statement
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Bank Statements (for some scholarships)
  • Passport/ID Card
  • Acceptance letter
  • Medical certificate
  • Award Certificates (for strong profile)
  • Make copies of all important documents.

Note: Check guidelines for detailed document requirements.

Further Information

For more comprehensive information about the Romania Government Scholarships and the application procedure, kindly visit the official website.