Fully Funded Singapore International Pre Graduate Award  SIPGA 2024

Singapore International Pre Graduate Award

Should you be intending to start a research project in Singapore, you will be able to collect all the needed information from this article. The SIPGA applications for 2024-2025 are now being accepted. This scholarship is unique because it gives a great combination of opportunities for international students doing undergraduate and master student research at A*STAR, which also offers a monthly stipend of $2,000.

The Singapore International Pre Graduate Award is designed to foster an environment where some of the brightest minds from around the world can undertake short-term research projects within the dynamic and innovative setting of A*STAR’s research institutes and consortia. In addition, participants benefit from the Opportunity to associate with well-known researchers and become fully involved in a vibrant scientific community. The SIPGA provides unparalleled opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research as well as to enhance educational pursuits and careers.

Furthermore, ASTAR is dedicated to developing the potential scientific leaders of tomorrow. The Singapore International Pre Graduate Award has been specifically designed by ASTAR with the intention of attracting students who are truly passionate about science and research. This enables them to achieve their dreams by studying at globally recognized universities. More than just financial assistance, this Scholarships invites applicants into a community committed to excellent scientific discovery and innovation, making the Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award a unique stepping stone towards a successful research career.

By being part of SIPGA program learners will have practical experience that incorporates theoretical understanding. Invaluable exposure offers insights into how science and research translate into real-life scenarios while working with top scientists in the world helps young investigators understand what it takes to have successful careers in science and research at early stages.

Programs Offred By Singapore International Pre Graduate Award

Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) does not offer a specific list of programs but supports research projects in areas such as:

  1. Biomedical Sciences
  2. Physical Sciences and Engineering
  3. Computational Sciences

These projects are conducted within A*STAR’s various research institutes and consortia.\

Singapore Scholarship Information

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Institution(s): A*STAR
  • Study Location: Singapore
  • Focus Areas: Here you will find a listing of the available research areas.
  • Duration of Program: 2-6 months inclusive.
  • Application Deadline: Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis. It is crucial to apply at least four months ahead of your proposed start date.

Benefits Singapore Scholarship

Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) offers:

  • A stipend worth S$2,000 per month.
  • Recipients are required to send an online SIPGA Attachment Report at least three weeks before completing their attachment duties.

Eligibility Criteria for Singapore International Pre Graduate Award

Applicants must fulfill the following conditions to be eligible for SIPGA:

  • Academic Requirements: Must have achieved or be on track for attaining minimum Second Class Upper Honours or its equivalent in their bachelor’s degree studies.
  • Enrollment Requirement: Applicants must maintain enrolment with their home institutions during the course of the attachment program.
  • Interest: Should possess great interest in carrying out a research career path from day one until retirement time comes.
  • Language Requirement: Fluent in English in both spoken and writing forms.
  • Country Eligibility: Open to all international students.
  • Educational Level: For international universities’ third or fourth year undergraduates and master’s students specifically those belonging to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines only.

Application Process for Singapore Scholarship

To apply for SIPGA Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award follow these steps:

  • Fill in application form
  • Attach copies of your passport
  • Attach official transcripts from your undergraduate/masters study (in languages other than English need certified translations)
  • Upload updated CV/ Resume 
  • Choose a project from SIPGA project list and submit your application

For more details: click here Offecial Website

Required Documents for Fully Funded Scholarships

  • Application form
  • Transcript Result Card
  • Degree
  • English Letter (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, or ACT)
  • CV or Resume
  • Study Plan or Personal Statement
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Bank Statements (for some scholarships)
  • Passport/ID Card
  • Acceptance letter
  • Medical certificate
  • Award Certificates (for strong profile)
  • Make copies of all important documents.

Note: Check guidelines for detailed document requirements

The Singapore International Pre Graduate Award (SIPGA) presents an exceptional opportunity for aspiring scientists and researchers to immerse themselves in their chosen fields of interests within one of the most vibrant research communities in the world. With the financial support as well as getting the opportunity to work with renowned scientists, SIPGA becomes more than a scholarship; it is a life-changing step towards a successful scientific career. Regardless if your area of study is undergraduate or master’s degree program in STEM, this grant will give you what you need to explore scientific questions and develop innovations. Apply today and immerse yourself in Singapore’s celebrated research community, a place full of new experiences and knowledge.

FAQs on Singapore International Pre Graduate Award (SIPGA) 2024

SIPGA is the Singapore International Pre Graduate Award which is a Singapore Government Award for international scholars to gain knowledge and experience for their further studies.

What is the Singapore International Pre Graduate Award SIPGA?

A*STAR’s award, known as the Singapore International Pre Graduate Award SIPGA, is a full-expenses-paid scholarship for international students which would like to do a short-term research project in Singapore. It is designed for undergraduates and master’s students who are studying in the scientific and technological fields, and they are given a stipend of $2,000 per month.

Who is the SIPGA eligible to be awarded to?

This award applies to the foreign students who are either in their third or fourth year as undergraduate students. They already enrolled postgraduates of the specialty of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

Which areas does the SIPGA cover?

SIPGA funds research projects within A*STAR’s research institutes and consortia such as Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Computational Sciences among others.

For how long will it last?

The duration of the program ranges from two to six months inclusively.

When is application deadline for SIPGA?

Applications can be submitted at any time of year. However, one should submit their request at least four months ahead of their intended start date.

What does SIPGA scholarship offer?

Recipients are provided with a monthly stipend amounting to SGD 2,000. Additionally they must deliver an online SIPGA Attachment Report not less than three weeks before completion of attachment.

What are the criteria for eligibility for Singapore International Pre Graduate Award SIPGA?

Applicants must have good mastery of English language skills; remain attached. Their home institutions during this period; and show a keen interest in pursuing a career in research. They should also have earned or be on track to earn no less than a Second-Class Upper Honors. Its equivalent in their bachelor’s degree studies.

How do I apply for SIPGA?

Complete an application form, attach copies of your passport details page(s), certified translations. If not in English official transcripts only, updated CV/Resume and select. Project from the list below to submit your application for SIPGA.

Where can I find out more about SIPGA?

For more information, including available research areas and specific application guidelines, please visit the official website.

Why should I try to get SIPGA?

SIPGA is an opportunity of a kind that offers young scientists and researchers an avenue of practicalizing their work, working with distinguished scientists and being part of one of the most active scientific communities globally. This is not just funding; it’s a pathway leading to successful careers in science and research.