Italy Scholarships [ HEC Fully Funded Scholarships Opportunities]

HEC Italy Scholarships

The HEC Italy Scholarship offers a fully funded opportunities for international students. This initiative partners Pakistan’s HEC with top Italian universities. It supports ambitious students pursuing graduate studies. Students receive huge funding, covering tuition, living expenses, travel and health insurance.

This scholarship allows students to engage with Italy’s rich academic heritage. Beneficiaries experience Italy’s historic educational excellence and cultural wealth. It is designed for those seeking to advance their education in a globally recognized environment. The program promotes international academic exchange and skills development.

This handbook is meant specifically for students like yourself who would want to know more about HEC Italy Scholarship. It will discuss in detail eligibility criteria, application process, program, university options, deadlines and required documents. So that you are able to navigate through your scholarship path securely and with sagacity. Therefore, get ready for this knowledge filled journey of yours where you will change your academic dreams about Italy into reality.

Eligibility Criteria: Key Requirements to Unlock the Scholarship

It is imperative to understand the eligibility criteria outlined by HEC before you begin your application journey. Here are the major requirements:

  • Nationality: Pakistani nationality with valid passport is necessary.
  • Academic Background: You should have done Bachelors Honors/ BS from HEC recognized university in relevant field along with first division or 60% marks percentage. CGPAs and percentage requirements might vary according to program chosen.
  • Age Limit: There are no specific age restrictions mentioned, but some programs may have their own limitations.
  • Language Proficiency: English language proficiency is mandatory through scores on tests like IELTS, TOEFL HAT, and USAT. Some other programs require additional language certifications depending upon language of instructions if any.
  • Financial Need: Although not always obligatory criteria while applying but demonstrating genuine financial need can help strengthen an application.

Application Process: Charting Your Scholarship Course

Now that you are sure of your eligibility, let us concentrate on the application. Here is a step-by-step procedure:

  1. Choose your program and university: Get as much information as possible about your intended field of study in Italy’s Master’s programs and colleges.
  2. Review Deadlines: Applications typically open in August to September and close in December to March, so mark your calendars!
  3. Gather the required documents: 
  • Prepare required documents 
  • Transcripts and mark sheets 
  • Degree certificates 
  • English language proficiency test scores 
  • Passport copies
  • CV
  • research proposal, 
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  1. Apply Through HEC Portal: Submit your complete application online through the dedicated HEC scholarship portal.
  2. Selection Process: There might be interviews for shortlisted candidates.
  3. Award Notification: Successful candidates will be notified by HEC.

A World of Choices: Scholarship Programs and Universities

HEC Italy Scholarships cover a wide range of Master’s programs across different disciplines enabling you to realize your academic dreams in Italy. Below are some of the fields that these programs cover:

  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.)
  • Management (Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, etc.)
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
  • Social Sciences (Economics, Law, International Relations, etc.)
  • Humanities (Literature, History, Arts, etc.)

Although not limited to this list but some well-known institutions partnering with HEC include:

  • Politecnico di Milano
  • University of Bologna
  • Bocconi University
  • University of Padua
  • University of Pisa
  • Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

However remember that this is not exhaustive and it is important to follow updates regarding latest program /university options through HEC website.

Meeting the Deadline: Crucial Dates Not to Miss

Typically, applications open in August/September and close in December/March. These dates may vary, thus one should always check the HEC website for updated information. Avoiding deadlines missing can lead to disqualification; hence these timelines have been given.

University of Bologna Fully Funded Scholarship (Application Process)

Pursuing higher education is a transformative journey and aspiring students need to be aware of new programme offerings and universities which they might prefer. In this context, University of Bologna is a leader in academic excellence with an array of programs that address ever-changing needs of learners. To get through this educational arena successfully, it is essential to keep abreast with current programs and choices offered by universities. The University of Bologna’s HEC web page helps individuals to make well-informed choices about their academic future by offering current information and advice.

Application Guidelines

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Commence the application submission process via AlmaRM from January 9, 2024, to February 8, 2024, at 1 pm. Please note that you can apply for up to THREE different exchange vacancies. Utilize the information on the exchange vacancy general description from the last call to make informed choices and increase your chances of securing an exchange place. Embrace the opportunity to be part of the Erasmus Generation! The ranking lists will be published online on AlmaRM from March 7, 2024.


What is the HEC Italy Scholarship?

Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) and a number of Italian universities have come together to introduce the HEC Italy scholarship program meant for Pakistani students, which will enable them to pursue a master’s degree or PhD in Italy.

Who can apply for HEC Italy Scholarship?

Students from Pakistan who have completed their undergraduate studies and met defined academic requirements of the HEC and its Italian partners are eligible.

What does HEC Italy Scholarship pay for?

The scholarship funding usually covers tuition fees, living expenses sometimes even travel funds and health insurance as well.

How do I apply for HEC Italy Scholarship?

Interested candidates should submit applications through the Commission’s online portal during the period when scholarships are offered. But also important to note is that one must meet specific admission criteria set by different Italian institutions.

When are the deadlines for HEC Italy Scholarships?

Deadlines change every year, so you need to frequently check on the HEC website to access updated details concerning when you should apply for scholarships.